Diagnosed at the age of two with a rare joint disease, called Legg Calve Perthes and severe Scoliosis, my parents were told by multiple Doctors and so called “experts” that I would never walk again. My Parents refused to accept this prognosis and said NO there must be another way. Time passed but not hope, until one day something, or should I say someone, happened which would change everything…



Thirty years later I earned a Black Belt in mixed Martial Arts Karate.  Please join me, as l take you on my journey of obstacles and achievements, set backs and triumphs as I applied the greatest lesson my Parents gave me, the simple power of one word, two letters, the power of NO!  NO I will not accept defeat; NO I will not accept conformity; NO I will not do something merely because others do it. This simple philosophy is a powerful tool which can be applied to all aspects of your life, personal, spiritual and business. It is a great honor for me to share it with you.


Power of TEAM

Part talk, part workshop in a fun relaxed atmosphere.


What is it all about?  “Power of Team” … OK so you are thinking, exactly what is it and why is it important to me?

We start with explaining the differences of Team Building, Team bonding and synergy and move on to the importance of each individual in the TEAM and how to recognize strengths and weaknesses and use them effectively. We will move on to cover the power of truly “listening” to each other the” collaborator effect” and the “Aha” moment.

The second half of the program is a hands on application of the principles we just covered with a series of challenges which show the true meaning of team work in deceptively simple yet powerful examples.



John Dwyer

John is a  Professional Actor and member of SAG-AFTRA with over 30 years of experience in Theater, Film, TV and Comedy Improvisation and a recipient of the prestigious President’s  Award from the NJ chapter of the International Special Events Society,

John is also a sought after MC, Game Show Host, Speaker, Team Building facilitator and a prolific writer, having written or co-written over 50 interactive mysteries as well as stage plays and screenplays.  John has a BA in Communications from Montclair University, holds a first degree Black Belt in Karate and is an ordained non-denominational Minister.


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