Tricky art of team building

When it comes to planning any group outing we feel it is always important to ask the key question: What does the client really want to get out of the Event? Are they looking for traditional entertainment, such as the tried and true DJ or Walk Around Magician, or are they looking to add a little something extra to their Event with a Fortune Teller, Caricaturist, or Specialty Talent such as Strolling Tables or Living Statues, or are they looking strictly for Team Building?  Would they like Team Building with an educational slant, or perhaps they would like the best of both worlds and combine the elements of game play with team building and bonding techniques with the purpose of fostering an atmosphere of non threatening team camaraderie.  Ninety percent of our corporate programs fall into the latter category.  “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Plato.  Which pretty much sums up our philosophy on Team Building – A Team Participant will learn more by doing then watching, so we endeavor to involve every single person in the entire program.

Game Play

We feel the trick to producing any successful Game Play oriented Team Building Program is that the participants can’t be hit over the head with the fact that they are working in a team building exercise, but rather they need to feel the team building from an organic level and have that “aha” moment on their own. For this reason we try and constantly keep our programs fresh, fun and challenging. One of our most popular offerings is our series of Adventure Text Hunts. These are not your typical old fashioned scavenger hunts and no two programs are ever exactly the same. We utilize Professional Improvisational Actors as field Agents, creative challenges, Phone texting, and smart phone technology to give participants a well rounded WOW experience.

Reality Check

Reality TV is king, so why fight it?  As Reality TV Shows are oh so popular, Clients are always asking for Team Building programs based on TV shows, so we are always creating Team Building programs loosely based on some of the most popular ones on the tube, with of course the most popular being Corporate Survivor, and others such as TriviaRama DealMaker Programs are also hugely popular. What makes our programs different and a Team Building Event is that no one gets “eliminated” like on the TV shows.  The outcome of the Game and the winning team is not decided until the very end. In keeping with the Reality theme, the popularity of Food Shows are as hot as ever. Client options are varied, anything from going to a facility and making a meal from start to finish, making their own wine or beer, make Your Own Mozzarella Cheese or a Spirits Tasting/Cocktail Design Team Builder. Our hottest program right now is our Foodie Game Show which includes a popular Cake Decorating Challenge, as well as chocolate tasting and other food based challenges. In fact the program is so popular we developed a smaller scale spinoff program called the Culinary Quiz Show for small groups with less time available.

Here is a Clue

Interactive Murder Mysteries are also still very much in vogue and as popular as ever.  Once again the trick is to keep them fresh and challenging, which is why with our Murder On Cue Mysteries we utilize highly skilled comedy improvisational actors and incorporate a wide array of audience participation techniques.  A unique program is the Murder On Cue Mystery Maze, a custom written walk around mystery (think living clue game), which we originally designed for the small to very large groups and unique locations, such as mansions, museums, ships or even in and around cities.  Another popular option is our Murder on Cue Comedy Roast, which is custom written about your company and employees utilizing a bogus Speaker, or Psychic.

No matter what route you follow, a successful team building event has enormous ROI.

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