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Friday July 27: A Revolutionary Mystery! Let the Fireworks begin

It’s a press party for the new play Georgie Boy written by George Washington’s descendant, Wally Washington.  Unfortunately the curtain comes down prematurely as the author is murdered! Who could have done such a thing?  What is it Wally’s nemesis Chucky Cornwallis descendant of the British strategist General Charles Cornwallis? Perhaps it was his wife Martha..yes that’s right Martha Washington.  Maybe it was the Revolutionary War Historian Benjamin Arnold who didn’t like the way his ancestor Benedict was being portrayed.  Maybe it was the Director who owed many favors to many unsavory people…or perhaps the person sitting right next to you!

The only way to find out is to join us and help solve an audience participation comedy murder mystery of revolutionary proportions!

For Reservations: (609) 965-2111

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday October 27: Murder at The Horror Awards

Saturday December 8: Murder under The Mistletoe!

All of the above Shows will be at Renault Winery .

For Reservations: (609) 965-2111  – 72 Bremen Ave, Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215

Please check back for additional Shows and locations!