“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”  – Plato

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Our Philosophy: We feel it is always important to ask the key question: What does the Client really want to get out of the Event?  Would they like Team Building with a purely educational slant, or do they want to combine the elements of game play with Team Building and bonding techniques with theGALA 2013 WINNER COLOR LOGO (2) purpose of fostering an atmosphere of non threatening Team camaraderie.  Ninety percent of our corporate programs fall into the latter category. 

A Team Participant will learn more by doing then watching, so we endeavor to involve every single person in the entire program. We feel the trick to producing any successful Game Play oriented Team Building Program is that the participants can’t be hit over the head with the fact that they are working in a Team Building exercise, but rather they need to feel the Team Building from an organic level and have that “Aha” moment on their own. For this reason we constantly keep our programs fresh, fun and challenging.

Team Building and More was created as a direct result of our clients need for quality Team Building Programs. To fill repeat clients needs we responded with an array of Award Winning unique, entertaining, educational programs, and are constantly designing new programs for Clients. From Corporate Survivor, Deal Maker and Team Synergy to their TV Commercial Challenge, Game Shows, and their Award Winning Foodie Game Show™ and Murder On Cue® Mystery Maze, there is something for everyone, including an extensive choice of Scavenger Hunts, and City Adventures!

Some Favorites:

Photo Quest: Adventure Text Hunts      

This is not your ordinary Scavenger Hunt!  It is part Treasure Hunt • Scavenger Hunt •Urban Adventure • Mission Impossible • and ALL fun!

funny hunt photoTeams are given a sealed envelope with a list and instructions.  They receive text directions from our Command Center, which they must decipher to lead them to their first destination and one of our Hunt Agents. Agents will have them perform a task and give them part of a riddle. Once this is accomplished they must text back the correct answer and receive further instructions via another text message!  

Bonus points will be given to Teams who take the funniest Team Photo and email it back to Command Center for judging. There are other surprise bonus photo ops as well.  Teams will also be able to gather points by collecting items, finding matching photos of sites around the designated hunt area, and answering Trivia Questions. Hunts are customized for the location. If you are looking for a truly different kind of Team Building experience which keeps everyone moving and laughing together in friendly competition, fostering great team spirit, than this is it!

Group size: 10-500 – Length: 2-3 hours – Various Locations, Indoor and Outdoor Available.

 Murder On Cue® Mystery Maze:  Spy Academy!

PI PIXSpy Academy is the top Espionage School in the world. The Secret Agents in attendance today are considered the best of the best. Unfortunately only one Elite Team will be graduating today.  In order to pick this Super Elite Team the Head of the School, Agent X, has devised a challenging final test.

The test however takes a shocking twist as Agent X himself is killed by an Undercover Mole! Now the stakes are high as the Spies in training will be called on to think outside the box and use all their creativity and ingenuity as they break codes, follow clues and gather sensitive Top Secret Information as each Team tries to figure who among them is the Mole before time runs out!  Spy Academy is an exciting and fun Team Building Program and a hugely effective way to get to know each other better with lasting memories and shared experiences. This is a walk around Program designed to use different areas/locations and customized for each venue.

Group size: 20-200 – Length: 2-3 hours – Indoor and Outdoor Versions Available

 Zombie Attack!

zombieThe world is in chaos after a viral plague has wiped out most of humanity, but there is rumor of a cure hidden somewhere in the Zombie Dead Zone. There are two rival Human Tribes (The Alphas and the Omegas) trying to get to it first. Whoever does will control the fate of the Post Zombie Apocalyptic World.

Your mission is simple, take your Team and advance in to the Dead Zone and recover the cure and medical supplies, navigate your way back through the infected region to the Safe Zone and don’t get infected yourself! The only thing standing in the way is a Dead Zone Maze, a hostile other “Tribe” trying to get there first that won’t think twice at taking you out and, oh yes, a Horde of Brain Eating Zombies. Do you have what it takes to survive a Zombie Attack!

Group Size: 30-120 Live Humans and Walking Dead – Scenarios are custom designed for each Group – Indoor and Outdoor Versions Available

Nutty Olympics!

TEAM PYRAMID - CopyTeams compete for the title of Nutty Olympic Champion.  As the “Athletes” arrive they will be greeted by our high energy Olympic MC, who will set the pace and give instructions.Then the Olympic themed music builds and the proclamation will be heard:  Let the Games Begin!”

Teams compete in a series of pseudo sporting heats.  Some heats will involve the whole team others will only involve certain members, to be selected by their Team. In the end scores are tallied and Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners will be announced and awarded their medals.

Group size: 16-160 – Length: 2-3 hours – Indoor and Outdoor Versions Available

Corporate Survivor

SURVIVOR WITH TREASURE BOXAs Participants/Castaways enter they are immediately drawn into the spirit of the game with the sounds of tribal music playing in the background.  The Survivor Host quickly plays a fun opening exercise to divide the group into Teams and then sends them to their Team areas, where they will begin their first challenge. 

Teams are then instructed to name their Team and design a Team Logo.  After a 5 minute Team Council to discuss strategies, Teams will compete against others in a series of both mental and fun physical (couch potato friendly) challenges. Challenges will be rotated until all Teams have competed against each other.  For every challenge a Team wins they receive a Victory Token, the object being to gather as many Victory Tokens as possible. The two Teams with the most Victory Tokens compete against each other in one last fun-filled creativity challenge as the remaining Teams become the final Tribal Council and pick the Winning Team! 

Group size: 16-160 – Length: 2-3 hours – Indoor and Outdoor Versions Available

Interactive Team Game Show

mummy wrapThe Interactive Team Game Show offers a choice of a bit of everything, such as a fast paced Mini Scavenger Hunt; the ever challenging Trivia Rounds, the hugely popular Name That Tune, Strategy Games, and of course our great game rounds of Mummy Wrap, Memory Game, Frisbee Toss, Walla Balla, and Frisbee Toss.

Lots of friendly competition, tons of laughs and fast paced fun all provides an Event of truly unforgettable memories, in one of our most popular Team Building programs.

Group size: 20-200 –  Length: 2 hours – Indoor


dealmakerMillionaire Mogul Dexter Dealmaker is looking for a great Team of highly motivated Executives to lead a new division in his company. Only one Team will get the job, so he has devised a game to test the creative and strategic skills of the applicants.

Once Teams are in place each Team will select their Project Leader. Mr. Dealmaker and his  Assistants will then lead the Teams through a series of mind bending challenges in which they will be competing against the clock, and each other, culminating in the 3 Minute Ad Campaign, in which each Team must design and present their entire campaign, to include a Print Ad, Song Jingle and TV Commercial. In the end only 1 Team will Get the Job!

Group size: 16-120 – Length: 2 – 3 hours – Indoor

True Colors

BUILD A TOWERTrue Colors™ was originally designed and written to complement and enhance the MBS© personality profile programs.

In a brief relaxed, fun and humorous talk the Facilitator will open the program by explaining the basic premise of color based personality traits based on the MBS© personality profiles.  The goal of the program is to teach participants to resolve conflicts which are usually rooted in misunderstanding by learning how to better support each other and have a better understanding on how to service their clients.  After the talk we will reinforce what was learned as Teams compete in rounds of challenges in a unique Game Show format, utilizing various challenges: Observational Challenge: In the Personality Parade, the Facilitator/Actors will take turns addressing the audience with short monologues. Teams are given 15 seconds to decide which personality trait the Actor most possesses (Direct, Paced, Extroverted or Structured). Trust building Challenges, Strategy Challenges, and Creative Challenges are all utilized to enhance and support this one of a kind program.  FAST PACED – HIGH ENERGY – TEAM BONDING!!

Group size: 20-150 – Length: 2 – 3 hours – Indoor

Team Casino

crapsTry your hand at Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Big Wheel or Roulette at Casino Quality Gaming Tables, staffed by Professional Dealers.  Everyone in the group is put on a Team and the Team is given a set amount of money.  They divide money among themselves and then off they go to try their luck and skill at all the tables.

Later in the evening, Teams meet up again and count their winnings. The team with the most money wins! Each Team decides the best way to win the most money.  Team Members strategize in different ways, such as loaning each other money or to give all their money to one member on a winning streak with the Team cheering them on, etc.

Run out of money?  Want to take a break from the Tables?  No worries, Team Members may opt to win Money from the Host/Game Master in various fun Challenges at our Trivia Station, with General Knowledge Trivia, Name That Tune TV, Classic Rock & More!    (Always a huge hit, tons of fun and lots of laughs)

Group size: 20-500 – Length: 3 hours – Indoor and Outdoor Versions Available


2 trivia guysHands down, one of our most popular Team Builders – Fast paced and wild and wacky Trivia Challenges,  which the group will absolutely love!

Each Table forms a Team and competes in different challenges for points, Bonus Questions, and Super Bonus Questions. This is like Jeopardy on speed with some real attitude and lots of laughs. Multiple categories, something for everyone!  In the end the Team with the most points is crowned Triviarama Champs!

Group size: 6-200 – Length: 90 minutes – 2 hours – Indoor and Outdoor Versions Available

 Beat The Buzz!

If you liked our Original TriviaRamayou will absolutely LOVE  Beat The Buzz!   Up to 10 Teams (as many as 120 people) may play at once!

  • Customized/Personalized Hot Buzz Topics
  • Customized Rounds about your Industry/Coworkers
  • Pop Culture and Current Topical Trivia
  • Bonus ™ Music Trivia

Buzz Rounds: Teams rapidly brainstorm to out-think each other and work out answers to humorous and mind bending Trivia Questions and give Team results to their Captain to Buzz In.  First Team to Buzz In correctly locks out the other Teams. Winning Team determined by SUDDEN DEATH ROUND! – Eliminated Teams pick the final Category – 4 Top Teams square off in the Sudden Death Round for the honor of the title: Beat The Buzz Champions!

Group size: 10-120 – Length: 90 minutes – 2 hours – Indoor

Foodie Game Show™

FOODIE GAME SHOWAce of Cakes meets Food Jeopardy in this high energy, Award Winning (2010 Award Winner – Best Team Building concept!)  Foodie Game Show™.  Not an ordinary Food Competition Show this is done with a theatrical flair and lots of fun and funny Host banter with Teams throughout the Event.

CHOCOLATE TASTING: Each Team Member will taste chocolate & guess the ingredients. TEAM NAME/LOGO CHOSEN: Teams select Team Names, design their Team Logo, put it on their Team Captain’s apron, and the best design wins points.WHERE IN THE WORLD FOOD TRIVIA: The fun & challenging global Food Trivia round. THE Three “Fs” CHALLENGE: Food, Fitness & Fun Trivia. Teams are tested on calories, fitness, measurements and other fun food stuff – Foodie Game Show style. CAKE DECORATING: The Main Event! Teams are given plain cakes, frostings & toppings needed to create a “masterpiece’ but not before they are thrown one final curve ball with our “Secret Ingredient”

Group size: 20-150 – Length: 2-4 hours – Indoor

Culinary Quiz Show

Test you your knowledge of food in this fun, informative, and fast paced Culinary Themed Team Builder. Check out these tasty challenges!

AROUND THE GLOBE: The ever fun and ever challenging Food Trivia Round – about foods around the Globe. COUNT ON THIS: Teams are quizzed on calories, fat, sugar and measurements, in this eye opening Trivia Challenge! COLOR ME THIS: The Game Host quickly gives Teams 1 color after the next and they must beat the clock to name as many food items as they can in that color. FOOD JEOPARDY: We will quiz the teams on Food Items. FAMOUS CHEFS: Fun and fast paced, Teams play to see if they can match up famous chefs with their Staple Foods. PRICE IS RIGHT: Like the TV show only this is all about food and kitchen accessories..PLUS.. The MEMORY GAME: Teams flip over Food Cards, and must remember where they were located in order to match them. APPLE SPATULA FLIP: Steady hands wins the race!

Group size: 10-80 – Length: 90 minutes – 2 hours – Indoor


This is an original Murder On Cue® Mystery.

CUSTOMERS AT CRIME SCENEIt’s a secret world of corporate intrigue involving International Spies, stolen formulas, covert deals, and undercover deception.  Your group becomes part of the action, as Foreign Agents (our Actors who move the scripted story along) vie for the opportunity to obtain a valuable new formula (software design) from an internationally recognized Research Scientist.

As unsuspecting Guests enter for cocktails, they are greeted by a Detective, who informs them a murder has occurred and it will be up to them to assist in solving the crime.  During the cocktail hour the PI will find the Guest Suspects and give them their secret information. The  other Actors mingle and interact with Guests. During the course of the event, Teams have the opportunity to win Bonus Clues by answering a series of fun general knowledge trivia questions, which may be tailored to relate to the client’s group, if desired.  Teams work against the clock and each other, finally putting their heads together to come up with a solution to the mystery.

Group size: 10-300 – Length: 2-3 hours – Indoor


Team CSI: A Murderous Affair

This is an original Murder On Cue® Mystery.

crime sceneCSI Teams will assist the Detective as he unravels a twisting mystery plot that involves, among other things, a murdered Executive, a jealous Wife, a disgruntled Employee, an unsavory Mobster and yes – even a suspicious Butler! As the event progresses Teams will be given the opportunity to win Clues, leading them step-by-step toward the actual solution.

Selected audience members will become Guest Snitches and Suspects in a Team Building Comedy Mystery which will keep everyone guessing until the very end!  It’s a classic game of whodunit designed especially to incorporate observational and problem-solving skills with a twist of friendly competition.

Group size: 10-300 – Length: 2-3 hours – Indoor

A Murderous Game Show!

An original Murder On Cue ® Mystery 

GAME SHOW GUYYour group will assist the Detective as he tries to figure out who killed Game Show host Dexter Smiley.

Along the way you will unravel a twisting mystery plot that involves, among other things, a disgruntled ex Game Show Host, a TV Executive, and a suspicious Personal Assistant hiding a secret past.  Each table becomes an Investigative Team and will have the opportunity to win clues by answering fun trivia questions! Selected audience members will become Guest Snitches and Suspects in a side-splitting Comedy Mystery which will keep everyone guessing until the very end!

Group size: 20-300 – Length: 2-3 hours – Indoor


Media Moguls

Social media is King and your task is to create a multi media Ad campaign (to include a viral video) for a new product in this two part Creative Team Builder

After designing and deciding on their final presentation, the pressure is on as they will be trying to impress Mr. Mogul and his Assistants. Teams will be judged on different criteria including how they were able to incorporate all the members of their Teams and social media relevance. Great fun and an amazing Team Building Program!

Team Building – Negotiating Skills – Communication Skills – Strategy  and Creativity – Thinking Outside the Box

Group size: 10-60 – Length: 2-3 hours – Indoor


  Mini NASCAR/VR Racing!

Ultimate Micro Reality Racing, It’s the kind of realism – the spectacular crashes, the high speed spin-outs, the bumping and rubbing of real stock car racing, and the exciting crash after crash non-stop action that has made Micro Reality stock car racing the ultimate interactive, audience participation experience!

We run a 5 car setup with 2 attendants and we include 5 trophies as we run the track competition style.

Combine this Event with our Virtual Reality racing experience and you have a dynamic one two punch, that can’t be beat!

Pre Race – Team Building Ice Breaker with MC/host is included!


Group size: 10-100 – Length: 3 hours – Indoor and Outdoor Versions Available


MOT is a highly participatory and dynamic team building experience for corporate, organizational, and educational groups. MOT is totally unique and fresh in its scope…and we invite you to explore why our clients have repeatedly achieved amazing results.

The MOT concept is simple; working together to learn and perform magic is inherently fun. It promotes energy, optimism, and team unity. These psychological states establish a wonderful platform for introducing beneficial learning themes, customized to meet the needs of your organization. A  MOT workshop begins well before the program date, as we speak with you to conduct an objectives assessment to identify organizational goals for the event. Selecting from a repertoire of program modules, the team leader chooses which modules, messages, and skills are most vital to “drive home” during the workshop.

Group size: 12-80 – Length: 2-3 hours – Indoor

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Our CSR programs are the perfect blend of Team building and Community outreach. Please click here for more information.