Mystery Maze

Murder On Cue® Mystery Maze™

An original Award Winning! Murder On Cue® Mystery concept created & developed by Kathy Reed & John Dwyer over 15 years ago. This exciting and unique entertainment can be done for both Private Parties and Corporate Events.

 It is written for and about the Client, Business and or Guest of Honor and employees and or friends, including lots of fun and interesting tidbits about the “Suspects”.

 For Private Parties it makes any celebration extraordinary, one of a kind and extra special.

 For Corporate events it makes for a one of a kind custom designed Team building experience, or fun employee appreciation event.

The Murder On Cue® Mystery Maze brings lots of bonding and laughs making an unforgettable event with lasting fun and happy memories.  It will take your Guest of Honor, family and friends or Business colleagues on a entertaining and challenging mystery game, while at the same time  allowing time to dine and mingle and even enjoy other specialty entertainment (if desired), such as, but not limited to, Magicians, Fortune Tellers, Flipbooks, Caricaturists  or DJ or live music with dancing.

 The Murder On Cue® Mystery Maze™ is a walk around mystery perfect for locations with access to multiple areas such as mansions, large homes, resorts or multi-deck ships.  A murder (or theft) has occurred! The object is to find the crime scene, gather clues, and solve the mystery, in this exciting and fun-filled living clue game. Note: This program can not be done as a sit down dinner Show.  Food Stations or Buffet is recommended.

CLASSIC VERSION: Guests enter and mingle with an assortment of our Comedy Improv Character Actors, suddenly a Detective enters, explains that a murder (or other crime) has occurred and gives instructions how to play the Game.  Suspects are introduced (including 10-12 or your Guests), Mystery Game Programs are handed out played and then the Game will be afoot.

THE GAME:  Guests search around the venue for Suspects (Actor Suspects) and interact with the comical characters, who will challenge them perform a fun task to win their clue. They will also need to find a series of cryptic written clues hidden throughout the area. Once all clues are gathered, they must decipher them to solve the mystery. Ballots are cast and the mystery is unraveled by the Detective in a comical Suspect line up, (including your selected “Guest Suspects”), and Prizes are awarded.

SUSPECTS:  10 to 12 Suspects are included.  You select, and provide us with a little info about these Suspects prior to the mystery.  (It is more fun if they are surprised when they are first introduced by the Detective that evening).This is an original Murder On Cue® concept, designed for an unlimited number of people, utilizing many types of locations. This show can be utilized with any type of theme:

Sports – Hollywood – Fashion – Broadway – Reality  – TV –  Fantasy – Western – Medieval – Spies  –  Pirates Casino –  Literary World  – Theater World – Roaring  20’s – Mafia –  Halloween –  

And…The Classic! Butler/Housekeeper Mansion Version